What the Network Does

The Network aims to improve the health outcomes of the Central Wheatbelt area population by means of facilitating links between General Practitioners and through applying the Objectives of the Network.

The objects of the Wheatbelt GP Network are:

  1. to maintain a network of general practitioners in the Network area
  2. to encourage general practitioners to work with other health & allied health professionals in the Network area
  3. to enhance the quality of education and professional development opportunities available for general practitioners and undergraduates in the region
  4. to co-ordinate and assist general practitioners to undertake community based health projects
  5. to enable general practitioners to contribute to health planning at a local level
  6. to meet the special (and localised) health needs of groups and individuals with chronic conditions, particularly where these needs are not adequately addressed by current health system
  7. to liaise with community health groups in the region
  8. to encourage networking and resource sharing between other Divisions of General Practice in Western Australia and other states of Australia
  9. to decrease professional isolation for general practitioners in the region by offering them support
  10. to provide support to families of general practitioners. 


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