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Below, is information on changes to MBS Item fees, new items and removal of items as they become available.

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The links below provide information on new MBS Items, Fact Sheets relating to the MBS and other relevant Medicare updates.

To download the latest update please visit the MBS Online.  These documents, as well as information regarding the Medicare Benefits Schedule, can be accessed through www.health.gov.au/mbsonline.



MBS Booklet July 2012  Frequently Used MBS Items
 Produced by Wheatbelt GP Network
Frequently used MBS items May 2012

Medicare Benefits Schedule

Updated to the 23 July 2012 changes

Produced by Wheatbelt GP Network

Link to Online PDF

Summary of Changes to MBS

Produced by Medicare
Date:  May 2010

Link to Department of Health and Ageing Web-site

Changes to Medicare Primary Care Items

The Department of Health and Ageing have updated their web-site to include information on the changes to Primary Care Items, effective 1 May 2010.

Please click on the link to the left to open the Department of Health and Ageing's website at the MBS Primary Care Items page.

The Changes to Medicare Primary Care Items effective from 1 May 2010

Link to Fact Sheet

Changes to Medicare Primary Care Items

This fact sheet sets out the changes to Medicare attendance items for vocationally-recognised General Practitioners (GPs) as a result of the Medicare Benefits Schedule (MBS) Review which will be effective from 1 May 2010.

These include changes to: 
- Item descriptors for general attendance items; 
- Attendance items out of consulting rooms; 
- After hours attendance items; 
- Prolonged attendance items; 
- Health assessment items; 
- Chronic disease management items; and 
- GP multidisciplinary case conference items.

Item 2702

From 31 December 2009, GPs must have undertaken Level 1 Mental Health Skills Training to undertake and bill MBS Item 2710.  For those GPs who have not completed this training, you may still complete a GP Mental Health Treatment Plan using the new item 2702, at the lesser fee of $125.95.

The Wheatbelt GP Network is currently organising a workshop for Wheatbelt GPs to undertake the Level 1 Mental Health Skills Training. 

2702 New

PREPARATION by a medical practitioner who has not undertaken mental health skills training (including a general practitioner, but not including a specialist or consultant physician) of a GP MENTAL HEALTH TREATMENT PLAN for a patient (not being a service associated with a service to which items 2713 or 734 to 779 apply).

A rebate will not be paid within twelve months of a previous claim for the same item or item 2710 or within three months following a claim for item 2712, except where there has been a significant change in the patient's clinical condition or care circumstances that requires the preparation of a new GP Mental Health Treatment Plan.

(See para A43 of explanatory notes to this Category)

Fee: $125.95     Benefit: 75% = $94.50 100% = $125.95

Information for Medical Practitioners
package is available by
clicking here.


The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) is constantly examining methods to improve communication with General Practitioners (GPs), specifically, how to raise awareness of the various DVA-funded health services available to their veteran patients.

To assist in addressing this, DVA as developed an Information for Medical Practitioners package, particularly aimed at newly graduating GPs, those practising in rural and regional areas, and GPs who are International Medical Graduates (IMGs).  Moreover, it can be utilised as a ‘refresher’ for any GP who treats members of the veteran community.

The package consists of:
- an Introduction;
three information modules;
- a list of web links to information referred to in the modules;
two useful DVA reference documents - the DVA Funded Health Services and DVA Treatment Entitlement Cards Charts; and 
- feedback form.

The modules, which can be used either individually or sequentially, consist of:
Module 1:       Introduction to DVA
Module 2:       DVA’s Health Programs – Hospital, Medical and Allied Health Services

Module 3:       DVA’s Health Programs – Health and Related Services

The package is designed to be downloaded from the DVA website and the modules used either in PowerPoint presentation form as training tools by GP educators/organisations or in hard copy form, along with the other components of the package, as a reference document for individuals/practices.

The package will provide GPs (in any location) with a broad overview - a ‘snapshot’ - of DVA and its health services, together with relevant links and contact details to gain further detailed information.

PIP - Indigenous Health Incentive

PIP Indigenous Health Incentive - Your Questions Answered.
This PIP commences in May 2010.

For additional information, visit the Medicare web-site by clicking here.

Demystifying Medicare

Questions and Answers from the RACGP Demystifying Medicare workshop held in October 2009.
Produced by WA GP Network, inconjunction with Medicare.

Link to MBS Website

Changes to the cataract and coronary angiography items, and the removal of items 50124 and 50125

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