Opening Hours

Monday to Friday
8.30am to 5.00pm


08 9889 1753




120 Graham Street

Postal Address

PO Box 781

Consultation Fees

Standard Consultation 15 minutes $
Long Consultation 30 minutes $
Children Under 16 - Bulk Billed

Pensioners and applicable Concession Card Holders - Bulk Billed

Immunisations, Revisits and Prescription Repeats - Bulk Billed


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New Patient Form - download and email to northam@wheatbelt.com.au or take to receptionist.

Patient Feedback - please give us your anonymous feedback about our practice.
Download the feedback sheet and email to central@wheatbelt.com.au or print and post to
Wheatbelt General Practice, PO Box 781 Northam, WA 6401

Complaints Form  - Wheatbelt General Practice would genuinely like to know if you have a concern or suggestion about any aspect of our service. We appreciate it is not always easy to make a complaint, but we would ask you to fill out the first page of the complaint form. This written documentation enables us to investigate the procedure or person that your complaint involves. Please email to central@wheatbelt.com.au or mail to Wheatbelt General Practice, PO Box 781, Northam  WA  6401.  

Transfer of Medical Records Consent Form


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Translating and Interperting Service (TIS)
The Department of Immigration and Citizenship (DIAC) provides the TIS National interpreting service for people who do not speak English and for the English speakers who need to communicate with them. TIS National has more than 30 years of experience in the interpreting industry, and has access to over 1750 contracted interpreters across Australia, speaking more than 170 languages and dialects. TIS National is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week for any person or organisation in Australia requiring interpreting services.

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National Auslan Interpreter Booking and Payment Service (NABS)
NABS provides interpreters to any person who uses sign language to communicate and would like an interpreter for private medical appointments. It is free of charge to Sign Language users and medical and health care practitioners. All interpreting services to Aboriginal and Islander Sign Language users are provided free of charge for both public and private health appointments.
Bookings for interpreting services can be made for both deaf adults and deaf children. This includes situations where there is a deaf adult and a hearing child or a hearing adult and a deaf child attending a private medical consultation. NABS also provides interpreters for deaf/blind people.
NABS operates nationally between the hours of 8am to 8pm, Monday to Friday and from 8am to 1pm on Saturday, excluding all national Public Holidays.
Please click on the link to the left to go to the website to book an appointment.

10 Tips for Safer Health Care - What Everyone Needs to Know

Brochure produced by The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care.

10 Tips for Safer Health Care - What Everyone Needs to Know - Arabic

10 Tips for Safer Health Care - What Everyone Needs to Know - Cantonese

10 Tips for Safer Health Care - What Everyone Needs to Know - Croatian

10 Tips for Safer Health Care - What Everyone Needs to Know - Filipino

10 Tips for Safer Health Care - What Everyone Needs to Know - Mandarin



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