About the CVC Program

The Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) new Coordinated Veterans’ Care Program (known as the CVC Program) commenced on 1 May 2011.


The program is aimed at veterans, war widows, war widowers and dependants who are Gold Card holders and are at risk of being admitted or readmitted to hospital.

GPs can enrol participants in the program if they:

  • pass an eligibility assessment
  • give their informed consent to be involved in the program. 

The CVC Program: 

  • uses a proactive approach to improve the management of participants’ chronic diseases and quality of care
  • involves a care team of a general practitioner (GP) plus a nurse coordinator who work with the participant (and their carer if applicable) to manage their ongoing care
  • provides new payments to GPs for initial and ongoing care. 

GPs who decide to be involved in the CVC Program are required to:

  • prepare for the program
  • enrol participants in the program
  • provide ongoing care. 

Payments for GPs

By participating in the program, GPs can claim the following payments through existing payment arrangements with Medicare Australia:

  • Initial Incentive Payment for enrolling a participant in the program
  • Quarterly Care Payments for ongoing care.  


Initial Incentive Payment

Quarterly Care Payments

Total year 1

Total year 2 onward


Item #


Item #

GP with practice nurse







GP without practice nurse







For information that will assist your practice to prepare for the CVC Program, download the resource:  A Guide For General Practice  or visit

Detailed information about the program is available from the Department of Veterans Affairs website




 Updated 20 August 2013


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